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Quality Systems

Building a company with a world class quality

At Maja Health Care Division, delivering value to our customers is our primary objective. Our customers count on us to deliver quality products on time, every time. Our belief is that by utilizing our quality processes, we will give our customer value added product they require and deserve. We achieve this goal by focusing on our Quality Policy and committing to several key areas.

Quality Policy

Maja Health Care Division is committed to:

  • Provide products and service which conform to international standards in the areas of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Health care to complete satisfaction of all customers.
  • Achieve a high standard of personal and corporate excellence through continual improvement, human resource development and employee participation.
  • Market the products and service of the company globally on the strength of quality, cost and delivery.
  • Strategically diversify in the areas of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Health Care.
  • Meet all statutory & regulatory requirements and be an organization with Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Commitment to Quality Systems

Maja Health Care Division proves its commitment to quality by mandating that all manufacturing facilities are certified to a Quality system standard.

We have chosen the worldwide accepted quality system standard and the European medical device directive requirements as they are of most value to our customers and us.