Tired of picking your chapped lips and getting into a lip massacre? Well, we all have fallen prey to those wicked dry lips and we can’t really do anything about it! Right?

Wrong! Getting dry lips is not under our control, we mean, yes to an extent by altering our diet and taking care of our health. However, we can’t really do anything about the cruel weather that is one of the most vital aspects of skin drying. But, we can heal those chapped lips and prevent them from drying up more by using the right products. Such a great solution is Vi-john White Petroleum Jelly Classic that heals almost any minor cuts and skin dryness. Made from the natural healer, as the name suggests, white petroleum jelly, this lip care is the best armor against those wicked winters!


The lip care cream is formulated with the right science to give natural prevention against different environmental factors that may lead to skin drying.

Some of the ways how this White Petroleum Jelly Classic helps in skin improvement are as mentioned below: 



1. Keep the moisture intact- One of the main reasons for drying up of lips and skin is because the skin tends to lose its natural moisture content. This may be because of many reasons like bad weather, poor diet etc. The white petroleum jelly classic helps in retaining the natural moisture content and in fact, adds moisture to the skin and lips, making them look healthy and prevent their dryness. 


2. Work as an antiseptic- Be it a minor cut from your nails on the lips or just a chapped part on the lips that result into bleeding, applying this White Petroleum Jelly Classic twice a day can work as an antiseptic that prevents bleeding and heals the cuts, from the very first use!


3. Heal rashes- Some parts of our bodies may develop rashes or skin redness. This can be due to multiple reasons, however, applying the white petroleum jelly classic on the affected areas will heal those rashes and skin reddening immediately. If the condition persists, seeing a dermatologist is advisable though!


4. Produces a scented charm- As we know many lip colors or lotions come with fragrances to keep the lips feel refreshing all the time. But with chapped lips, using lip color or lotions may not be the right decision. However, the White Petroleum Jelly Classic by Vi-john comes with a natural fragrance that will keep your lips scented and fresh all the time, just like a lip color but without the adverse effects on the chapped lips. 


5. Make the lips look lustrous- Who doesn’t love a beautiful smile? But sporting such a smile needs good teeth and nice lips. While dental care is pretty much about an individual’s effort, caring for your lips is just made easy by Vi-john. Using their White Petroleum Jelly Classic will make your lips look healthy and lustrous. The jelly adds moisture to the lips, making them look beautiful and confident!


So now that you know what to do for complete lip care; bring one White Petroleum Jelly Classic for you and your family. Also, now it is available in various capacities.