VI-JOHN Saffron Day Cream

Saffron Day Cream

    • VI-JOHN Saffron Day Cream

    Saffron Day Cream

    Looking for a day cream? Bring home the saffron day cream from Vi-john. Created with the pure essence of saffron and Vitamin-E, the cream makes the skin soft and smooth. It also contains the mulberry extracts that impart natural fairness to the skin by slowing down the pigmentation of the skin. The saffron day cream also contains cellule blanc, a revolutionary botanical skin-whitening agent from japan that comes with the advanced technology of depigmentation. Besides providing natural fairness to the skin, the cream is specially designed to support the skin all day long. It imparts a freshness to the skin that makes it look young and radiant. There are other natural ingredients in the cream that nourishes the skin and keep it healthy. So choose the saffron day cream and flaunt your gorgeous skin all day!


    Key Features:


    - It has natural skin whitening agents

    - The cream slows skin depigmentation

    - It can be used in the morning and all day long

    - It comes with saffron and vitamin e that nourishes the skin