Vi-john Shave Gel

Vi-john Shave Gel

    • Vi-john Shave Gel

    Vi-john Shave Gel

    Tired of razor bumps? Make shaving effortless with a VI-JOHN shave gel. Formulated with natural ingredients, this adventure series shave gel is a must-have for every man. It is composed of a unique formula foam that works on the skin roughness and provides an even moisturized skin. VI-JOHN shave gel softens the skin and allows a close shave. It also protects the skin from redness, skin irritation, etc. The shave gel is a solution for most of the shaving issues. It makes the skin smooth and comfortable, minimizing friction on it to give the best shaving experience. The shave gel is also specially formulated to make it compatible even with the sensitive skin types. 


    Key Features:


    - It keeps the skin fresh for a long time

    - It makes the skin smooth and comfortable 

    - The shave gel makes the skin soft and supple

    - It minimizes the aftershave razor bum issues