VI-JOHN prakritik toothpaste

prakritik toothpaste

    • VI-JOHN prakritik toothpaste

    prakritik toothpaste

    Make your smile healthier and happier with Vi-John Prakritik Toothpaste. Made with the goodness of clove and herbal ingredients, this is not just a regular toothpaste. It's an Ayurvedic Dental Cream. The Prakritik Toothpaste works on the gums and makes them healthy and strong. The toothpaste cleanses the teeth from every side and makes them whiter and stronger. Not just that, the Vi-John Prakritik Toothpaste helps the fighting cavity too. So, let go of the other chemical-based kinds of toothpaste and embrace the naturalness of the Prakritik Dental Cream for you and your family. After all, it's the happy smiles that count!

    Key Features:


    - It has no chemical

    - It helps in fighting cavity

    - It keeps the gums healthy

    - It whitens and strengthens the teeth

    - It takes care of teeth issues like pain, bleeding, etc.