VI-JOHN Seven Flower Pomade

Seven Flower Pomade

    • VI-JOHN Seven Flower Pomade

    Seven Flower Pomade

    Hold on to the cold dry winds of the winter season with VI-JOHN seven flower pomade hair care gel. Formulated with best chosen natural ingredients, this gel is a classic way to create your favorite hairstyles at home. This pomade is the ultimate hair styling alternative that lets you play with your hair without any damage. It also moisturizes the hair from tip to roots and adds a touch of glamorous shine, making you look like a diva! The best part, the seven flower pomade can easily be washed out with shampoo. So ditch those styling hair cosmetics and apply something that won't just make your hair look gorgeous but also make feel great too!

    Key Features

    • Creates classic hairstyles
    • Gives the perfect hair gelling formula
    • It lets you come up with different hairstyles
    • It adds a natural shine to the hair too