Ayurvedic Almond Oil




Net Qty.: 50ml

Be the Rapunzel of your own world, get long beautiful locks; shinier, stronger and super sily. Now style your hair the way you Like without caring about hair fall, as VI-John Almond Drops hair oil has got your back! Almond Oil can control hair fall by up to 79%, reinforce hair growth, and make them more glossy! The better than ever VI-John Almond Drops Hair Oil is enhanced with Vitamin E and Almond Oil to assist you with getting the shining, strong  hair you’ve for a long time truly cared about. This oil for hair fall decreases attempts to fortify and feed your hair and thus reduce hair fall because of breakage. It is light, non-sticky and the ideal hair regime to go for. So don’t think much and struggle with second thoughts. Get on the way towards wonderful hair. Dealing with no luster- dull hair and breakage? Time to change your  hair oil at the utmost. Switch to the ayurvedic touch hair oil made from the californian almonds. Get gorgeous locks with VI-John ayurvedic almond oil for hair. Packed with almonds to provide the lost shine and nourishment to the hair. 

Hair woes are the worst when your pillow has more hair strands than the success dreams. Ditch the old perfumed oil with chemical ingredients for which you paid a hefty price. Hair breakage, dullness, frizz, knots and dandruff is the result of underlying disease, lack of vitamins and care in the body. A balanced diet with proper care is the key to healthy hair. To give your hair good care you need to massage them with a good oil.

Almonds are a great source of fatty acids 3 and fatty acids 6 that promote hair growth and shine to them naturally. Due to magnesium, Vitamin A, B1 and B6 give nourishment to the hair follicles and cuticles for a better hair quality. Massaging hair regularly with almond oil improves blood flow to the roots and makes hair healthy. It helps to curb hair breakage, roughness and frequent tangling. For better results message your hair with almond oil starting from the roots to the hair length. Apply and message with light strokes; gently message it and leave it. You will get soft, shiny and manageable hair after shampoo. Say bye to the old hair oils clogging your follicles and opt for lightweight hair oil in nature that gets easily absorbed. Get hair benefits in just a few uses with the almond hair oil.


– Suitable for all hair type 

– Enriched with vitamin E and almonds

– Reduce hair fall and give your hair a non-oily, shiny look.