Make Up Foundation

Wear the best make-up and flaunt your gorgeous self with the Vi-john makeup foundation. Made with skin caring ingredients, the foundation works on different skin tones that provide a natural-looking blend of skin color. The foundation is easy to apply and it enhances the makeup, providing an unblemished look. The best makeup foundation is an integral part of the face make-up that spread evenly on the face, covering all the dark spots, under-eye dark circles, and other blemishes. The foundation makes a soft and radiant effect that provides a protective cover on the face and neck part, giving your make-up a solid glamorous base. It is composed of easily bendable ingredients that bring an instant perfection, complementing the Indian skin tones.


Key Features:

– It is easy to apply

– It blends perfectly with the face

– It provides an even tone blending

– It leaves a soft and smooth finish on the face

Foundation Roll On

Roll on and shine! Here’s a generation next make-up solution from Vi-John Foundation Roll-On. An integral element of your make-up, this Foundation Roll rolls on and spreads evenly to cover spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone, etc. This make up foundation comes with the goodness of Vitamin-E that gives nourishment to the skin. The foundation is also known for its moisturizing effect, thus not leaving a dry skin like ordinary foundation creams. It easily blends with the skin and gives a natural-looking glow that cannot be hidden. So, get going with the Foundation Roll-On and be the party dazzler.

Key Features:

– It moisturizes the skin

– It consists of Vitamin-E

– It makes an even tone skin

– It easily blends with the skin

– It helps to cover blemishes, spots, and uneven skin tone

Ameerah Herbo Kajal

Give your eyes the best with the Best Kajal For Women Ameerah Herbo Kajal by Vi-john. The kajal is formulated with the goodness of Natural ingredients, Vitamin-E, camphor, almond oil that takes care of the eyes. It contains three eye caring elements that provide a cool and soothing, extra dark, smooth effect to the eyes, making it relaxed. The kajal is also specifically designed to give a long-lasting rich lustrous deep black shade that gives your eyes a bold look. This kajal helps to define the eyes with an ultra-smooth finish that does not get easily smudged. The kajal is made with extra care to suit your eyes and not make any irritation, truly making it the Best Kajal For Women. It is the perfect beauty companion that will give your eyes a gorgeous look like never before! So apply Ameerah Herbo Kajal and forget eye touch-ups all day long!


Key Features:

– It lasts all day long

– It is super easy to apply

– It is made of natural ingredients 

– It soothes the eyes and gives them a bold definition