Night Fairness Cream With Saffron

After a hectic tiring day when your skin has dirt, oil, pollution particles & makeup, it’s your holy duty to do a night care routine. After removing all the makeup with a good makeup remover and double cleansing your face it is needed to apply something that works on the skin cells repairment overnight. To maintain good skin, keeping acne at bay, blemishes and chemical ingredients, VI-John night cream with saffron is the best that works on skin beautifully.


The ingredients in the night cream are infused after keeping in mind the maximum benefits on the skin. Specially designed for night with saffron, Vitamin E, mulberry extract and cellule Blanc it is a miracle cream highly recommended for regaining skin’s natural moisture & promoting new cell growth. Backed by experts this VI-John fairness night cream with saffron helps to reduce fine lines, dullness making it glowing, supple & healthy. 


Here’s a sneak peek into the ingredients of night cream. Saffron, which is one of the widely used natural beauty products, helps to fade scars, fine lines and wrinkles thus making skin brighter, radiant and spotless. Vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation and increase collagen production and it is also one of the most used ingredient in fairness creams and lotions. Mulberry extract corrects skin tone by rejuvenating skin cells. Cellule Blanc, which is Japan originated whitening agent works to impart fairness. All together when added in the cream gives complete care & nourishment to your skin with no side effects. It has a nice packaging and is suitable for all skin types. During night time the metabolism of the skin increases which pave way for newer cells. Massaging skin with a good cream at night helps in skin awakening, regulating blood flow and improving complexion. 


VI-John night fairness cream with saffron for women works for the skin rejuvenation, fading spots and blemishes etc. It has a mild fragrance that makes you feel soothing and lovely the next morning. It spreads easily and blends & absorbs well into the skin. Lightweight to carry and its nice packaging is something that makes it your favorite one. Regular massage with this cream makes skin soft to touch and radiant.


Given below are some of the features of VI-John night fairness cream :


  1. It is made from all natural ingredients.
  2. Suitable for all skin types.
  3. Handy and lightweight to carry.
  4. No white patches or side effects.
  5. Budget friendly cream with best ingredients.
  6. Hygienically curated and pleasant mild fragrance.
  7. Works on skin for fine lines, wrinkles, spots and pigmentation.
  8. Backed by experts to ensure best results in no time.