Safai Glass Cleaner

Tired of cleaning those glass surfaces at home? Let’s make it easier for you with Vi-john maja safai glass cleaner! Formulated with active cleaning ingredients, this glass cleaner has the advance turbo cleaning property that works on multiple types of stains on glasses without leaving any watermarks. From your mirrors to the kitchen’s glass surfaces, apply the maja safai glass cleaner and make every inch of your glass surfaces glaze-like brand new!


Key Features:

– It makes the surface glaze

– Just spray and remove the stain

– It is formulated with active cleaning agents

– It comes with the turbo action that quickly removes stains

Safai Floor Cleaner

Let your floor glaze like it’s still new with Maja safai, the best household floor cleaner from Vi-john. Formulated with the finest anti-germ ingredients, this floor cleaner is the best choice to keep your home clean and safe. Its turbo action kills 99.9% of germs, which may cause harmful body issues. The Maja safai floor cleaner, our best household floor cleaner also works on the different types of floor stains and gives a spotless mirror-like floor. Moreover, the toilet cleaner is formulated with a fragrance that will keep your rooms fresh all day long! So, let your kids play on the floor because, with Maja safai floor cleaner, floors are always clean and spotless. 


Key Features:

– It brings the floors lost glaze

– It fights the floor stains and makes it spotless

– It leaves the floors clean with a long-lasting fragrance 

– It works on the microscopic germs and makes floors germ-free up to 99.9%

Safai Toilet Cleaner

Do you know that unclean toilets can be one of the most important reasons to fall sick? Yes, toilet germs are not visible but they can hamper us a lot. So here’s your chance to kill all the microscopic toilet germs in one wash with the Best Household Toilet Cleaner, Vi-John’s safai toilet cleaner. Formulated with advanced technology, this toilet cleaner comes with turbo action that targets every germ in the toilet. Not just that, the safai toilet cleaner also comes with a fragrance that eliminates unpleasant odor and leaves the toilet fresh and clean, up to 99.9 % germ-free, making it stand for the Best Household Toilet Cleaner. 


Key Features:

– It helps to keep the toilet spotless

– It eliminates the unpleasant toilet odor

– It fights the toilet germs and keeps it 99.9 % germ-free

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