Prakritik Toothpaste

Make your smile healthier and happier with Vi-John Prakritik Toothpaste. Made with the goodness of clove and herbal ingredients, this is not just a regular toothpaste. It’s an Ayurvedic Dental Cream. The Prakritik Toothpaste works on the gums and makes them healthy and strong. The toothpaste cleanses the teeth from every side and makes them whiter and stronger. Not just that, the Vi-John Prakritik Toothpaste helps the fighting cavity too. So, let go of the other chemical-based kinds of toothpaste and embrace the naturalness of the Prakritik Dental Cream for you and your family. After all, it’s the happy smiles that count!

Key Features:

– It has no chemical

– It helps in fighting cavity

– It keeps the gums healthy

– It whitens and strengthens the teeth

– It takes care of teeth issues like pain, bleeding, etc.

Meswak Toothpaste

If you have any desire to begin your day with something genuinely novel go snatch a pack of VI-John Meswak today. VI-John Meswak is produced using unadulterated concentrate of intriguing Meswak spice which develops gradually, Even a little part of this spice is equipped for giving Complete Oral Care to you. The elements of Miswak spice really make VI-John Meswak remarkable. It has Resins which structure a layer over the finish – safeguarding against caries; Silica which eliminates stains; Alkaloids applies a bactericidal impact and stimulatory activity on gingival, Essential oils invigorates the progression of salivation which functions as a germicide, Vitamin C aides in mending and fix of tissues, and so forth. The most awesome aspect of this exceptional toothpaste is the astounding mouthfeel it abandons, which endures the entire day.
– Protects your teeth from harmful germs and bacteria
– Tightens gums grip 
– Fights tooth decay, germs and removes malodour

Clove Toothpaste

Clove Toothpaste: VI-John Clove Toothpaste has been figured out with the
integrity of nature’s miracle spice Clove, which has been
utilized over the course of the years to shield the teeth from
depressions and ease dental torment. Eugenol, the
fundamental part of Clove has strong pain relieving (torment alleviating) and germ-free properties settling on it a great decision for hole insurance. VI-John Clove Toothpaste’s Fluoride and Paraben free detailing has been uniquely created to guarantee that you have a lovely mouthfeel post
brushing, so you can start your day on the perfect note.
– Clove consist anti-oxidant and analgesic properties.
– Fluoride and Parabens free toothpaste
– It has been specially formulated to give you pleasant mouthfeel post brushing

Vi-John Energetic Gel Toothpaste

Give your teeth the best oral care it deserves with Vi-john Energetic Gel Toothpaste. It is formulated with the goodness of Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals as the active ingredients. The calcium makes the teeth healthy by strengthening the enamel. The Vitamins and Minerals support the teeth and gum to provide 360-degree dental care. This Energetic Gel Toothpaste also fights against micro-organisms and bacteria obtained from different kinds of food. The gel’s advanced technology also covers up the bad odor, giving a long-lasting refreshing breath like never before. To get the optimum benefits, use the toothpaste twice a day!


Key Features:

– It fights bad odor

– It brings a long-lasting freshening breath

– It fights against micro-organisms and bacteria

– It is enriched with Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals

– The toothpaste makes the teeth and gum healthy and strengthens the enamel

Vi-John Right Protection Toothpaste

Smile your way with the complete teeth protection by Vi-john right protection toothpaste. As the name suggests, this toothpaste doesn’t just provide a refreshing effect like ordinary kinds of toothpaste but also gives your teeth and gums the most needed security. The toothpaste is enriched with calcium, vitamins, and minerals that reinforce your teeth and cover up for all common dental problems. The right protection toothpaste is made with natural ingredients that are formulated with advanced technology. This helps to fight the microorganisms and bacteria and form 360-degree mouth protection. The toothpaste also fights bad odor and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. 


Key Features:


– It protects both teeth and gum

– It fights the common dental issues

– Its refreshing effects last all day long

– It is enriched with calcium, vitamin, and minerals

Vi-John Red Paste

Vi-John Red Paste is an extraordinary mix of customary Indian medication and present day drug innovation drawing out awesome of both. This aftereffects free, compelling detailing is valuable for keeping up with oral cleanliness and keeping the gums and teeth solid. Vi-John Red Paste is loaded with the force of 13 dynamic Ayurvedic fixings like Laung, Pudina and Tomar among others that ward all your dental issues off. Vi-John Red Paste has been clinically tried for decrease in
plaque, gum disease and awful breath. In-vivo investigation of Vi-John Red Paste had been finished utilizing solid subjects. A genuinely huge improvement was seen in client when every one of the four circumstances like plaque, gum disease, stain and malodour were surveyed.
– Gives you healthy gums
– Helps in fighting cavity
– Keep your teeths strong

Vi-John Natural Aloe vera Tooth Gel

Vi-John Natural Aloe vera Tooth Gel (Aloe Vera-Based
Formula For Effective Cleaning Your Teeth) Vi-John Natural Aloe vera Tooth Gel Natural Product For Teeth Good For Dental Care 100 percent Veg. Normal Peppermint and Spearmint Flavorings Aloe Vera Has Long Been Treasured For Its Quality And Versatility – Including Dental Care. Your Teeth Will Gleam With Forever Bright, One Of The Best Tooth gels On The Market. Planned For The Entire Family To Use, Vi-John Natural Tooth Gel Contains Only The Highest Quality Ingredients. It Is Also Suitable For Vegetarians Since It Contains No Animal By-Products. Regular Peppermint And Spearmint Flavorings Leave Your Mouth
Feeling Fresh And Clean. Long stretches Of Research,
Development And Collaboration With Scholars And Dentists Have Provided Forever Living With The Optimum Aloe-Based Formula For Effective Cleaning. Your Family Will Love The Flavor And The Clean Mouth-Feel.
– Builds Strongs Teeth 
– Helps in Fighting Cavity 
– Keep your teeths strong 
– Gives you fresh experience