Turmeric Skin Cream

Are you dealing with acne breakouts and want to get rid of them? Don’t go for fake beauty products claiming to be effective. Care and caution are two most important factors to be taken into consideration while choosing products for skin. There are times when you get minor burns, scars, wounds, scaly or dry skin. Due to environmental factors, chemical products, pollution and other factors our skin gets prone to dullness, acne, inflammation etc. To keep skin treated and free from dryness opt for VI-John turmeric skin cream. With the goodness of turmeric, sandalwood and ocimum your skin glow naturally without putting harmful chemicals onto the skin. This turmeric skin cream is the most genuine way of having young-looking radiant skin. 


Haldi is one of the ancient era beauty products that has been widely used. It has antiseptic properties that fights off acne, pimples and pigmentation. Chandan or sandalwood is best for treating open pores, scars, redness and soothes skin with a cooling effect. Ocimum has antibacterial properties that work on skin infections making it clearer and spotless with the regular use of this cream. Get blemish free skin and even tone complexion with the turmeric face cream. For a healthy glow use VI-JOHN turmeric skin cream twice a day.


It comes in spill free and easy to carry packaging. Suitable for every skin type it is one of the best face cream to get a healthy glow without spending bucks and poisoning your skin with chemicals. It is completely safe and effective to use. No greasy or oily look after applying; blends easily in the skin keeping it soft and dewy. There are key features to look for the benefits of using VI-JOHN turmeric face cream on a regular basis.


Key Features:

– It is made of natural ingredients like turmeric, ocimum, and sandalwood.

– It helps to keep the skin looks youthful with a healthy glow

– The turmeric in the cream brings a natural glow to the skin keeping acne, blemishes and pigmentation away.

– It helps in skin brightening and in healing skin issues like burns, scars and marks.