About Us


“What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it”was rightly said by Ezra Pound and aptly suited to Late S.Suchet Singh Kochar when he laid the foundation of Vi-John in the year 1960. This ingenious gentleman was a man of wisdom, principals, and dynamic vision. It was a humble beginning with one small manufacturing unit catering to a segment of personal care products like Vaseline and Perfumed Hair Oil.Over the years, with a constant hard work, we feel proud that this multifaceted company ash spread its wings and is now one of the leading manufacturers of personal care, health care products & cosmetics under the brand name Vi-John. When it comes to quality personal care products Vi-John is on the fore. Our products portfolio includes a wide range of products across different categories like World’s Largest Selling Shaving Brand, Toiletries, Perfumes/Deo’s, Talcum Powders, Skin Care (Winter) and Hair Care products. Our consistent quality has guaranteed our presence in the market for four decades as one of leading FMCG companies in the country. It would not be out of place to mention here that “Our products are Vouch”.The prime reason behind Vi-John’s credibility and trustworthiness is the excellent quality of the products.



“To deliver excellence by making products of international quality at affordable prices by adhering to globally accepted norms and TQM practices. To make VI-JOHN a benchmark of excellence and trusted household name both in India and Overseas.


  • To make personal care products a way of life even in the remotest villages of the country.
  • To develop a dedicated sales force that has the passion to shoulder the company’s aspirations.
  • To make our products synonymous with the phrase – value for money.


  • Achieving excellence in quality by maintaining a balance among humans, technology, and environment.
  • Developing satisfied customers to act as the roots of the organization.
  • Nurturing professionals into leaders in every department.
  • Amalgamating quality with reasonability to give value for money.


“The VI-JOHN Group recognizes its responsibility to its business partners, suppliers and the community at large.” (Operating Principles),The VI-JOHN Group has a strong ethical ethos, which is evident in all facets of the operation and is demonstrated in the following ways: Manufacturing is monitored and controlled in-line with cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and The VI-JOHN Group Cosmetics Supplier Code of Practice to ensure High-quality product.
VI-JOHN Group has open and honest relationships with all suppliers ensuring confidentiality of their specialist technologies and formulations
VI-JOHN Group is committed to conducting its business in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment. All suppliers are expected to act responsibly with regard to protection and preservation of the environment, implementation of proper environmental controls, and compliance with national and local regulations.
VI-JOHN Group takes into account the ethnic and religious beliefs of the people in the countries where it exports.
, VI-JOHN Group ensures that local and national standards of health and safety in the workplace, minimum wage standards, and related requirements are all adhered to. In addition, suppliers are expected to operate ethically with respect to young and vulnerable people in the labor force. The welfare of children is of great concern to the company, a founding member of The Indian Childhood Foundations.
VI-JOHN Group does not test products or ingredients on animals, and no ingredients derived from dead animals, or sourced while causing harm to animals, are used.
Safety and efficacy testing is carried out, under the supervision of qualified medical personnel, on consenting health volunteers (18yrs +).
Local and international regulations are monitored, ensuring that safe, effective and legally compliant products are available to our customers



Building a company with a world-class quality:

At Maja Health Care Division, delivering value to our customers is our primary objective. Our customers count on us to deliver quality products on time, every time. Our belief is that by utilizing our quality processes, we will give our customer value-added product they require and deserve. We achieve this goal by focusing on our Quality Policy and committing to several key areas.


Maja Health Care Division is committed to:

  • Provide products and service which conform to international standards in the areas of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Healthcare to complete satisfaction of all customers.
  • Achieve a high standard of personal and corporate excellence through continual improvement, human resource development, and employee participation.
  • Market the products and service of the company globally on the strength of quality, cost, and delivery.
  • Strategically diversify in the areas of Cosmetics, Personal Care and Health Care.
  • Meet all statutory & regulatory requirements and be an organization with Good Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Maja Health Care Division proves its commitment to quality by mandating that all manufacturing facilities are certified to a Quality system standard.
  • We have chosen the worldwide accepted quality system standard and the European medical device directive requirements as they are of most value to our customers and us.


We Relocated to our headquarters in 2018 to Vi-john Group-393,Udyog Vihar,Phase-3,Gurugram.:

This new working space is something to be relish for our colleagues as the aura of place is to be witnessed.