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VI-JOHN Group Founder

Founded in 1960 by Late Sardar Suchet Singh Kochar, VI-JOHN GROUP has emerged today as manufacturers of the best internationally known products of Beauty Products, Skin Care Products, Personal Care, and Cosmetics. His Vision Continues to make lives more beautiful for millions in India and across the World. He left us on 12th January 1979Read more...


VI-JOHN almond drops oil
Ayurvedic Almond Oil

Give our hair the best hair protecting treatment with VI-JOHN’S almond oil drops. Formulated with the goodness of almond, amla, bhrinraj, til and mandukaparni as the active ingredients.

Body Lotion Alovera

Protect your body from dryness and give it the natural fairness that it deserves! VI-JOHN brings the Saffron body lotion - aloe vera, formulated with the goodness of aloe vera.

VI-JOHN Saffron body lotion - aloe vera
VI-JOHN boro shield prickly heat powder
Boro Shield Powder

Is the heat turning to become a nightmare? Here's a savior from VI-JOHN - the boro shield prickly heat powder. With 5x advanced formula, the powder brings a long-lasting cooling effect.

Feather Touch Hair Removal

Can't stand the waxing pain? VI-JOHN presents the smartest body hair solution with feather touch hair removal cream for women. This cream creates a formula to keep the skin smooth and soft.

VI-JOHN Feather touch hair removal cream - rose & aloe vera
VI-JOHN Liquid Bomb Perfume - Intense
Liquid Bomb

Here's the Liquid Bomb's Intense Perfume. As the name says, this perfume blows away everyone, leaving them wanting more of it. Yes, this perfumed body spray is curated with an intensive process of aroma-making that complements the natural body scent.

Lip Guard

Fall in love with your lips even in those harsh winter days with VI-JOHN strawberry and aloe vera lip balm. Formulated with the goodness of natural elements like strawberry and aloe vera, this lip balm provides a smooth silky lip guard.

VI-JOHN Liquid Bomb Perfume - Intense
Vi-John Shaving Foam - All Skin Types
Shaving Foam

Give your face the touch of satin with VI-JOHN shaving foam - all types of skin, that will turn your everyday shave into a luxurious experience. The foam provides a smooth moisturizing effect that makes shaving effortless vi-john shaving foam contains tree oil.

Shaving Cream

Give your skin the best aftershave care with VI-JOHN classic shaving cream. It is made of an extremely effective essential tree oil from Australia that comes with several skin damage control properties. The oil has powerful germicidal properties.

Vi-John Shaving Cream - Classic


VI-JOHN almond drops oil
Ayurvedic Almond Oil

Give our hair the best hair protecting treatment with VI-JOHN’S almond oil drops. Formulated with the goodness of almond, amla, bhrinraj, til and mandukaparni as the active ingredients, this ayurvedic oil is the solution to all your hair issues.

VI-JOHN Saffron Body Lotion - Aloe Vera
Body Lotion Alovera1

Saffron Fairness body lotion is enriched with a revolutionary botanical skin whitening agent CELLULE BLANC. Its continuous use provides fairness, radiance and glow to your skin while also keeping it young and healthy.

VI-JOHN Boro Shield Prickly Heat Powder
Boro Shield Powder

BioShield Prickly Heat Powder with 5X Advanced Formula has a superior and long lasting cooling effect. It gives you instant relief from prickly heat, controls sweat, itching and gives a refreshing feeling all day long.

VI-JOHN Feather Touch Hair Removal Cream - Rose & Aloe Vera
Feather Touch Hair Removal

VI-JOHN Feather Touch gives you a compassionate feather like hair removal experience. It is specially formulated to remove hair safely and sensitively from its roots. It leaves the skin clear and feather soft.

VI-JOHN Liquid Bomb Perfume - Intense
Liquid Bomb

Liquid Bomb Range of perfumes says what It does. Its one spray will blow you and everyone around you away like a bomb. Its strong and adventurous fragrances will stay with you all day long keeping energy of your body flowing.

VI-JOHN Lip Guard - Classic
Lip Guard

This Winter, LOVE YOUR LIPS like never before with VI-JOHN Lip balm and get the baby lips you’ve always wanted. Enriched with Aloe Vera that protects your lips from cracking and chapping in the harsh weather.

Vi-John Shaving Foam - All Skin Types
Shaving Foam

VI-JOHN Shave Foam unique formula foams lightly and moisturizes the skin, allowing for a close, comfortable and effective shave. A product so good that it's even ideal for sensitive skin.

Vi-John Shaving Cream - Classic
Shaving Cream

VI-JOHN Shaving Cream is enriched with Tea Tree oil, an extremely effective essential oil all the way from Australia. This rich essential oil has powerful germicidal properties that naturally destroy bacteria and heals cuts.


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Vi-John Group

At Vi-John Group, we are extremely committed to contributing to sustainable development with societal and environmental goals in mind. Our CSR program is modeled on the 7 core subjects of the International organization for Standardization Guideline for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) and we are devoted to adhering to each one of them.

  • Organizational Governance depicts the organizations ability to act in a socially responsible manner where decisions are not solely weighed on financial gain.
  • Community Involvement & Development dedicates us to not always direct all our resources for the development of the business but instead direct a part into the community supporting education, health & relief programs.
  • Our efforts are focused on respecting Human Rights Policies. We believe in creating a safe & healthy working environment for all our employees. A diverse workforce that is treated equally and respectfully gives a positive impact on our ability to grow sustainably.
Dr. Piyush Mishra



REGD. NO.- 21915

  • The management ensures Fair Operation & GMP for maintaining the standard of excellence and value for money goods that VI-JOHN is synonymized with.
  • Our customers are central to our success and our ability to gather information from Consumer Issues and insights has shaped business decisions and developments.

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