VI-JOHN Onion Shampoo & Onion Hair Oil

With Onion Extract & Amla, This shampoo aims to stop hair fall and nourish the hair to its roots. It deeply nourishes the hair, giving it volume and an enhanced shine. Hair is more manageable and smooth. The onion bulb extracted from the red onion nourishes hair follicles and restores nutrients. Rich in Sulphur, it reduces dandruff and regulates excess sebum production. It increases strength and volume, reduces grays, and protects against lice.

Almond Hair Oil

Now style your hair a way you need without the apprehension about hair fall, as VI-John Almond Drops hair oil has you covered! Vi-John Almond Oil can diminish hair fall by up to 79%,  reinforce hair, and make them up to half more glossy! The better than ever VI-John Almond Drops Hair Oil is enhanced with Vitamin E and Almond Oil to assist you with getting the sparkling, solid hair you’ve for a long time truly cared about. This oil for hair fall decrease attempts to fortify and feed your hair and, thus, lessening hair fall because of breakage. It is light, non-tacky and the ideal hair development arrangement. So don’t stand by to display wonderful hair, that is solid inside and glossy outside, with new haircuts consistently!
– Suitable for all hair type 
– Enrich with vitamin E and almond oil
– Reduces hair fall and give your hairs shiny look.

Sarson Amla Hair Oil

 Vi-John Sarson Amla Hair Oil has a couple of slick stunts without any considerations humming in our wired cerebrums, partaking in a decent oil knead by your old tai magically transporting you back to such dearest minutes. VI-John Sarson Amla Hair Oil comes in with its non sticky charm.
– Unique blend of Sarson and Amla 
– Moisturises your scalp 
– Prevents hair damages 
– Enhance healthy hair growth

Jasmine Hair Oil

It’s the ideal opportunity for your hair to take the spotlight and draw out its sparkle! Coconut oil advanced with integrity of Vitamin E and jasmine separates, VI-John Jasmine coconut hair oil gives your hair the strength and sustenance it needs, while leaving it delicate, satiny and sparkling. Also, this light non-tacky hair oil accompanies the aroma of jasmine for an alleviating, lovely experience and Vitamin E which works on your scalp and hair wellbeing .Nourish your hair with this exceptional hair oil to battle ordinary harm and get a solid, sleek hair that sparkles, the entire day. For best outcomes, apply VI-John jasmine coconut hair oil in the evening and wash it off toward the beginning of the day. This hair oil is the ideal formula for your hair that looks nourished and endures a healthy sparkle, the entire day.
– Non-sticky and Light hair oil
– Nourishes and strengthens your hair 
– Moisturises and protects your hair

Cool Hair Oil

VI-John Cool Ice Oil has been the most trusted and favored oil in the helpful cooling oil fragment for quite a while. It has been fastidiously arranged from a blend of nine interesting ayurvedic spices. It’s ordinary back rub gives agreeable cooling which gives help from day to day mental and actual pressure and its connected side effects like migraine, weariness, strain, sleep deprivation and so forth. It not just settles explicit hair and body related sicknesses, yet conveys magnificently on completely wanted benefits, similar to excellence and sustenance, generally looked for hair oil. 
– Contains goodness of ayurvedic herbs 
– Helps to relive headache, tension and sleeplessness
– Ideal for everyday cool head massages

Onion Hair Oil

VI-JOHN Women Onion hair oil which is an ayurvedic aushadhi mixed with the integrity of Onion, Bhringraj, Amla and different spices to reinforce your hair from the inside.
It accompanies double tool to step up your hair care game! 


Key Features:

– It comes with good natural fragrance 

– It reduces hair fall and dandruff 

– It is rich in sulphur and potassium which accelerates hair regrowth 

– It also contains Onion, Bhringraj, Amla & several other herbs