Room Freshener Air Flip Bottle

Carry the freshness of Orange & Rajnigandha, Jasmine & Sandalwood, Rose & Lily and Eucalyptus & Lemon Grass to your home with Vi-john Pet Bottles Room Freshener. It is formulated with the strong floral scent of all the natural ingredients that will freshen up every corner of your house instantly. These pet bottles of air freshener is also very safe to spray at home as its ingredients are specially chosen to bring a safe and long-lasting effect. The strong fragrance cancels out the bad odor and forms a pleasant smell that will leave your minds revitalized and relaxed with every spray, truly the Best Room Air Freshener.


Key Features:

– The room freshener is long-lasting.

– It brings freshness instantly with a spray.

– It envelopes the bad odour and cancels the bad smell.

Room Freshener PET Bottles

Is your room smelling horrible? Simply sit back and relax, bring back one of our Best Room Air Freshener – Vi-john Air Flip Room Freshener – that battle the terrible smell immediately. The room purifier is made of the reviving aroma of normal fixings that splashes dosages of newness in each stroke. The Air Flip Room Freshener smells drops a room’s horrible smell and makes a fortifying smell that spruces up the spot as well as loosens up your state of mind. The room purifier is 100 percent protected to splash at home and consequently, you can shower them in each edge of your place with no concerns.


Key Features:

– It cancels out the bad odor’s.

– It is made from the eco-friendly aroma.

– It brings an instant freshness to imdoors.

Room Freshener Red Glass Bottles

Make each edge of your home new and fragrant with Vi-john appealing Red Glass Bottles Room Freshener. It offers a fine enduring fragrance loaded up with natural ingredients that will take you to a universe of outside air and extravagant smell. The Red Glass Bottles Room Freshener which is accessible in shifted scent’s can be showered in every one of the rooms in your home and is 100% protected to utilize. Along these lines, splash away the terrible or soggy smell at home with this eco-accommodating normal room shower in a split second!


Key Features:

– It is 100% safe to use.

– It is composed of goodness of natural ingredients.

– The room freshener is long lasting.

Trigger Pump

Make your home to feel more lovely with Vi-john Trigger Pump Room Freshener Formulated with the wonderful scent, this room revitalizer raises your home’s mood with simply a shower. The Trigger Pump Room Freshener is great for every one of the rooms in your home and is made of regular fixings that are 100 %safe to utilize. The room cleanser leaves an enduring fragrance with each shower and will drop each sort of terrible smell. The integrity of normal fixings likewise fills in as a revitalizer that will cause you to unwind at your home impeccably!


Key Features:


– Ideal for homes.

– It envelopes the bad odour and cancels the bad smell.

– It brings freshness instantly with a spray.

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