Women’s Razor

Feather Touch Body Shaving Razor - Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Lubrication Strip

Imagine an unparalleled shaving experience with the Vi-John Women Feather Touch Body Shaving Hair Removal Razor. This isn’t just a hair removal razor; it’s a game-changer for women around the globe.

Feather Touch Multi Purpose Facial Razor

Meet Vi-John Feather Touch, an innovative, multipurpose razor set to revolutionize your beauty routine. This hair removal razor is designed specifically for women, sparing you the discomfort of traditional hair removal methods. 

Feather Touch Bikini Line Trimming Razor

Meet the Vi-John Women Feather Touch Razor, your ultimate partner for a delicate, smooth shaving experience. This hair removal razor has its sharp edge covered in chromium and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), ensuring a smooth glide across your skin, leaving it soft and hair-free.

VI-JOHN Women Feather Touch Twin Blade Shaving Razors With Lubricating Aloe Vera Strip

VI-JOHN Women Feather Touch ultra strip platinum coated disposable Razors made with high quality stainless steel. Comfort technology enhanced ultra aloe Vera strip with water-activated lubrication for ultimate comfort and smooth shaving. Aloe Vera moisturizer strip ensures a smooth shave with the deep shave technology. VI-JOHN Feather Touch ultra strip platinum coated disposable razors made with high quality JAPAN stainless steel guarantees 100% better rinsing with a smooth and cleanest shave every time VI-JOHN Premium International standards Product