Ameerah Herb Kajal

Eyes are the best conversationalist ever. They convey messages that lips and tongue don’t. Everyone has different eyes but every eye is beautiful in itself. Enhance the beauty of your twin nature’s jewels you are endowed with in every possible manner. Let your eyes do the talking with the VI-John Ameerah Herbo eye Kajal, pure and dark. The kajal ingredients are selected in a way to make it as pure as we can. It is formulated with the goodness of Natural ingredients, Vitamin-E, camphor, almond oil that takes care of the eyes. It contains three eye caring elements that provide a cool and soothing, extra dark, smooth effect to the eyes, making it relaxed. The kajal is also specifically designed to give a long-lasting rich lustrous deep black shade that gives your eyes a bold look. This kajal helps to define the eyes with an ultra-smooth finish that does not get easily smudged. The kajal is made with extra care to suit your eyes and not cause any irritation hence you can apply this kajal in eyes without any concern.


It is the perfect beauty companion that will give your eyes a gorgeous look like never before! So apply Ameerah Herbo Kajal and forget eye touch-ups all day. You can be playful and quirky by making different patterns with the kajal on the above eyelid as liner. Try Gothic pattern, winged, straight or basic with the VI-John Ameerah Herbo Kajal. We assure quality products and adhere as holier than thou. Every product we make is passed through quality assessment and curated hygienically. The organic kajal is suitable for all age groups and is easier to apply because of its structural form. Just a light stroke and you get dark kohled eyes instantly. If you are not a fan of doing it heavy, ditch the makeup thing and get bold and enhanced with the VI-John kajal. The best thing about this kajal is that you can carry it along with you, it is lightweight, handy and budget friendly, the best kajal for eyes. Why should celebrities have all the fun!!!! So girls out there this deal is for you, get speaking eyes with the Ameerah Herbo kajal.


Key Features:

– It lasts all day long

– It is super easy to apply

– It is made of natural ingredients

– It soothes the eyes and gives it a bold definition.

– No irritation or itching.

– Pocket friendly and handy to carry.