Incense Stick

Bring the herbal fragrance of Maja Incense Sticks and purify the aura of your home. Made from the goodness of citronella oils, this Incense Stick helps in repelling mosquitoes besides bringing a fresh fragrance to the rooms. The Maja Incense Stick is herbal and hence, 100% Natural and Safe for daily use. The best part of this Incense stick is that it is chemical-free and are a great substitute for chemical-based incense products. So, bring home the Maja Incense sticks and make your house free from the attack of mosquitoes and create an effective refreshing ambiance.

Key Features:

– It repels mosquitoes

– It contains citronella oils

– It brings a refreshing ambiance

– It is 100% Natural and Safe to use

– It is herbal and hence, 100% chemical-free


With its one of a kind plan, this VI-John Cobra Coil discharges power promoter at each corner that gives assurance over the course of the night for 12 hours. It is viable against intestinal sickness, dengue and chikungunya conveying mosquitoes.
– 12 hrs protection
– Kill mosquitoes in ever corner

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